Well what a full day Chris and I had yesterday.

I was up and showered by 10, I had an interview later in the day in Didsbury, and Chris had a few errands to run.

We were out of the house for 12:30, we went through town which was horrendous, Chris ran his errands we then caught the bus to Didsbury. We had a lovely meal in the slug and lettuce, and then I had my interview.

The interview was the most bizarre one I have ever had, the agency had arranged to meet at 3pm, and they turned up early so Chris and I were still eating. So I ended up having the interview while Chris was sat eating.

Once the interview was finished, Chris and I went through the charity shops in Didsbury, and then got the bus home.

Once home, we settled down in front of the TV and watched Phantasm which we had got from Love film (I highly recommend this site!).

Chris and I then got ready to go out again, and meet Emma (Chris’s cousin) who was with her boyfriend, and Kelly & Dylan to go Ice-skating in Piccalilli Gardens. We spent an hour on the Ice rink, and then wondered back home, as Chris, Dylan and I had decided to have a party. Cue the 3am bedtime!