I love the television. Sometimes the television can be a girl’s best friend. It’s informative, entertaining, moving and, let’s face it, forms the very basis of the core of our human existence. But too much time is given to bad television. I don’t mean Prisoner Cell Block H or Footballers’ Wives. Or even Bad Girls. So called “bad television” can be judged only on its own level and deserves to be taken as seriously as it takes itself. But truly bad television is television which is lazy and ignorant. The kind of television which uses casual racism or homophobia or blatant misogyny to secure a chuckle. Even good television can be guilty of these sins and disappoint the most ardent of fans. Take Danny Baldwin, formerly a character in Coronation Street. The nickname “Mincemeat” was generously bestowed on his gay employee, a slur offensive at least for its archaic nature is not for anything else. Lazy and boring. And don’t get me started on the gay character himself, who I’m afraid to say, is in every way deserved of his moniker. A prancing, mincing queen who surely even John Inman would consider out of date in today’s society and not at all a positive representation of a member of the gay community. And The Street is down to one Asian character again, the Dreadful Dev. No surprise to find he owns the corner shop. Yes, there are a lot of Asian shop keepers, more than a few in the North West. But there are Asian people working in every kind of profession and to have a lead Asian character who has hardly progressed career-wise since Bless This House (admittedly he owns a few shops, probably fuelling ignorant whites’ fears of immigrants taking over their beloved country). I love the show, but it needs to (occasionally) give a little more thought when writing characters and jokes.
Coronation Street is a very mild offender. But there are many who will feel my wrath with a severity seldom seen. I will be documenting these cathode atrocities for your consideration as and when they offend me. Join me. I welcome your feedback. Whether you just pay the licence fee or have the full Sky+ HD package, the viewers are paying and we deserve the best!