Well I think its about time I did an update, don’t you?

Well nothing much has changed, mum still has cancer… like that was really going to change in the couple of months since I last posted. I think I am getting use to it now, and I am not as down with things.

Work wise, I am seriously bored as hell. I have decided I am going to apply for the tech team job which is going… Will see how it goes. Alan & Alex at work, both seem to think I will do well at it.

Love life? What love life.
Well… I still see my mates boyfriend from time to time, but that isn’t really going anywhere is it?
I have also been seeing a guy called Lee, he is 21 and from Leeds, I have seen him 3 times now,
I also have Paul from Brighouse, where although I have not seen him for a while, he still sounds interested.
And then, suffice to say, I am still being a slut.. Maybe I should write a slut diary… It would be more full than this.
I slept with a guy called Steve last night while out in Manchester (where I was with Gary)… I then had to walk through Manchester city centre in a T-Shirt while it was absolutely freezing! – I had left my top in Gary’s car.

I had been seeing a guy called Chris, he was in Manchester, spent a week with him, and all seemed to be going well, until he emailed me and said he didn’t think it was time for him to be in a relationship.. Well sounds like a good fuck off email to me. Additionally on the Manchester front, there is still Steve, who is always pleasant and nice to me, but he just never seems to want to meet up… Another waste of time I ask myself?

Health wise, I think I am falling to pieces, my arthritis is really hurting at the moment, and more specifically in my first finger and my right arm, I am in agony with it, and yesterday I could not even hold a cig to my mouth!!! – How bad is that?