image The tickets are booked for Batman: The Dark Knight. At the IMAX yet. I am beside myself with excitement, Batman being the only super hero franchise which appeals to me. And I have never been to the IMAX. It’s usually documentaries about fish or some such nonsense. Which always makes me feel uneasy anyway as well as boring me to death. So this will be extremely exciting. Three p.m on Sunday. I don’t want to be too excited in the evening at my age.

I like Batman because it is dark and gothic. I don’t much care for the old TV series or movies (Although I love Adam West who is hilarious in Family Guy and Eartha Kitt made a terrific Catwoman) and I have never read what are now so fashionably called graphic novels. However I do love Tim Burton and thank him for resurrecting Batman in such an interesting way in the Eighties. Roll on Sunday…

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