Don’t you just hate having to find the take-away menu’s?

Then when you find the one you want, you end up rummaging through the menu thinking what did I have last time that was nice, and add to that the dreaded forgetting the take away was actually crap, and you were sick last time you went.

Well, for about a year now I have been using Justeat, an online take-away ordering service, which covers most of the UK and Europe and I think its absolutely smashing!

It saves all your previous orders, letting you rate the food, save orders as favourites, and it stops the awful conversation with the take away shop trying to explain you want to order.

You can pay online with a debit or credit card, which is often a lifesaver when you don’t have ready cash.

The good part about the site, is that there is no price hike for buying online, and we tend to order less since we know where we went wrong on previous orders, when we’ve ordered too much food!