Without getting into too much of a debate, about downloading films for free illegally, it is possible to download and watch films that are out of Copyright, or in the Public Domain for free.

There are a lot of sites that host the films

As such, I hope the below list of sources help if your interested in looking for out of Copyright or Public Domain films.

Wikipedia – A very robust list of all films out of copyright, with such classics as It’s a Wonderful Life to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Click on the film you want, and view its information. To the bottom of the page you should find a link to the film online.

BFI – The British Film Institute, offers a variety of free films and shorts to watch.

Internet Archive – A slightly American tang, but very good all the same. From movies to Public Service Announcements.

OpenFlix – A directory of films all thought to be in the Public Domain.

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