[Rant] Coronation Street…

I’ve had just about enough!

Last night, having been out for a drink, I settled down to watch Coronation Street. It was getting to the big climax where David was about to push his mother, Gail, down the stairs. It had just reached the start of all the excitement when the Tivo goes “Boing” and the recording stopped.

Once again Coronation Street finished late, as so often happens when the double bill occurs. Then the second episode began early so i missed the beginning of that. Which means that people who record TV in advance miss crucial climatic moments. This is not good enough nowadays as it is becoming a standard for people to use services such as Tivo and Sky+. I admit in the UK the Tivo service is not that popular since it went out of production, however I am sure users of Sky+ are having the same problem.

I’ve now taken to recording 35 minute episodes, adding the minutes at the beginning or the end depending on which episode it is – there is a distinct pattern to this- just to ensure that I get the whole episode.

Is this ITV’s attempt to annoy users of Sky+ and Tivo since they know we can fast-forward their adverts? I doubt this really, however I bet it is to do with advertising. They are packing so many adverts into shows that they are having to over-run and spoil them for its viewers.

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