I’ve been trailing freeware application Songbeat for a couple of days now. Songbeat, works by scouring music streaming service Seeqpod for tunes, then streams or downloads the music directly to your desktop.

To get it up and running, just install the app, it does ask for your email address but you do not need to enter anything, fire it up, and start searching.

You can choose to either stream or download any of the search results, but downloading will automatically save the MP3 to your default music folder or to any other folder of your choice.

I found the best way to use the service, was to stream the song through the program, if the quality is OK, hit the download button.

You can play back any of the downloaded files in the My Music section of the player, or in your media player of choice.

Songbeat works by grabbing results from Seeqpod, and downloads are generally very quick.

Songbeat is freeware, Windows only (a “Pro” version is available and a Mac version is coming in 2-4 weeks). Put this one at the top of the ever-growing list of ways you can download and listen to free music from the web.

The software, isn’t peer-to-peer like WinMX / Napster / Limewire are, and it works by pulling MP3s from the web. The variety of songs available isn’t as good as a P2P application, however when I played with the service I found the vast majority

Of course Limewire’s and WinMX are still out there, but Songbeat just does one thing—music — and from “downloading a virus” point of view, you’re not likely to inadvertently download anything nasty from Songbeat.

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