Low Energy God Damn Lightbulbs

I have to take my hat off to people in power who try to make us save energy.

After various issues with our electricity supply (where E.On can not read the correct meter) we have had to take to keeping a daily log on all the electricity units that we use.

Me and my partner live in a 1 bedroom apartment in the city of Manchester. Its a new build, less than 2 years old.

I would assume that energy conservation was given little or no thought when the property was designed.

At the moment, it is bitterly cold outside, however trying to heat a room with an electric heater is no easy task, as it doesn’t warm up and it is currently costing us about £10 per day in electricity costs.

So its costs us £10 per day to keep the flat and water warm.

But hang on a minute, are we not suppose to use less energy, and use all these energy saving gadgets that are on the market…

Well, the simple answer is that we use as many Low Energy light bulbs that we can which are going to save the planet, however what else is being done?

Why do we not have a new design for an electric heater that can heat a room efficiently and with lower energy costs?

I thought when I realised the above, that I must be wrong, surely someone has invented a new heater that can heat a room efficiently..

…Well I tried a google search… here it is my only concern is that only one result is for low energy heating, and then this isn’t really an option (It is using tubes which are situated at floor level, however will they be able to warm a large room?) all other results are for low energy light bulbs… Oh and “switch and save” energy suppliers.

It is time for everyone to think about how we use our energy, and what it is being used on. Technologies of old, can no longer be used, and must be adopted to meet the new demands of today.