Its been a while…

OK, I broke my phone, have naffed up my network at home and then came Xmas and I haven’t posted in a while.

So… What has little old me been up to?

Well I went for an interview in Manchester, for a small building firm – I think I may have got the job, but some papers got lost in the post that means that they only got posted back this week, and as such I may have lost it. But then on the day of posting the second application to the building firms job, I look on o2’s job board, and there is one which I would prefer, so I have also gone for that as well.

Another change, that I may have mentioned on here is that I am now living in Manchester with Chris. We did spend Christmas at mine thought, with me and Chris cooking Christmas dinner. Chris and I had agreed to only spend £20 on each other, I panicked and spent about £100 when I decided my presents were rubbish. I ended up getting Chris a lighter, a pair of socks and a small teddy from Vivienne Westwood’s, I think Chris went over budget too though, he went out and got a lot of nice food in, a wind up robot and a hoodie, I then wanted something expensive and went and got myself an iPod from Argos.

I managed to get out of all the work Christmas party’s, but Chris and I did go to a few. About the beginning of December, we went over to Dylan’s for a little party, I think it may have been Dylan’s birthday to be honest. Lorna had come up from London, and it was a really really good night. We had Kath over, for a nice roast dinner as a Christmas meal, we didn’t have our usual roast, but roast duck instead. For New Years Eve we were back in Manchester, and went to Dylan’s again for a meal, Lorna was up from London again. Once we had seen the New Year in we went over to Dylan’s brothers and had a party there till about 5am when I fell asleep.

I think that just about wraps up the last few weeks, I’m going to try and post a little more often again, especially now that I have my blog on my website again. My full site is at, I’m trying to run a website without paying any hosting, and thanks to Google I think I’m doing OK.

I am also in the process of cleaning and formatting both my PC and the lap top, so I am interested to see how much this will annoy Chris, but given the hammering the laptop has had, and that mine has had they need it. I think I have talked myself into buying a legit copy of windows Vista too.

Will write up soon.