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I Got My New Phone…

A few weeks ago, I asked what phone I should get, well not one bloody person answered, so I made my own decision!

I decided to opt for the T-Mobile Touch Plus (also known as the HTC Nike), although its not an iPhone, and its the same old Windows Mobile 6 that I have been using for months, I decided it was the best option.

Why is it the best option? Well, for one the data package with T-Mobile is ultimately better than o2 are offering, I actually use to work for o2, and dropped my staff tariff to move over to T-Mobile as it worked out so much cheaper (in my particular case, I saved about £75 a month, with my mobile phone bills dropping from £120 with o2, down to £45 with T-Mobile. The phone also comes with mobile broadband which is really good when out and about with the laptop, and I hate to say it, but I’m an old stalwart, and knew the iPhone was not going to live up to my expectations especially since all the features that the iPhone offers are on my WM6 Touch.

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  1. Colin

    I’m still using a ten year old Nokia that Lulu gave me, and one about seven years old I bought of eBay – no good asking me Paul.

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