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Okie-dokie, whats occuring I may hear you ask.

You’ll notice over the coming weeks that a lot, of back content, and older post are being posted. All these posts appeared on my old blog over @ and

Most functions are now fully functional – Thank you to the folks from twitter who kept telling me off 😉

I’m going to try and get back into the swing of blogging again, after almost a 5 year sabbatical, of keeping the internet free of my musings.

I’m presently working on a full update about my mother – who the last time I blogged had cancer (you’ll hopefully find related posts under Mum on the categories.

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This blog…

Ok, a couple of visitors have asked a) where is the blog content, and why is this blog a little un-finished.

Well, to be honest its because I broke the whole database, and have had to re-install word press – I’ve not had the chance since re-uploading work press and installing it to populate the site again. I’m working on it as quick as I can, but have had other pressing issues taking up my time!

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