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BBCi, 4OD, or Sky Anytime…

Make your mind up before you install them all, as they all use the same download technology, and wont work after you restart…

…As I found to my cost!

I’ve decided I’m going to re-stall the 4OD service first, as this seemed to have a lot of free premium content.

I still have my Joost account, which is working quite nicely.

Once I have had a good chance to fully review them all, I’ll post my results.

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  1. Mark Morgan

    Surely Verisign should have forseen this and built Kontiki to interact with more than one download client at a time? And been able to handle differing installed versions. Was that too much to ask?

    What happens when Five step in to the market? And then the freeview consortium? Or any of the hundreds of Satellite TV channels? Before you know it you will be inundated with conflicting download managers and your PC will implode!

    What we need is one download app that can be configured pull content from any of the providers…

    Or we could just use BitTorrent of course 😉

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