Fellow British customers of iTunes will soon be charged up to 10 per cent less for their downloads, after pressure by the European Commission forced Apple into a change of policy.

The price per song, which is currently £0.79 will be lowered to about £0.74 pence, and the cost of albums will lower from £7.99 to about £7.48.

The change comes after the European Commission found that neighbour states of Britain were being changes up to 10 per cent less.

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I would like for someone to now look into why people in the EU and Britain, pay up to 100% more than our American cousins, for example I can find music for sale via amazon’s music download service for $0.79, which going by the current exchange rates is about half the price that is currently paid in the UK for music on iTunes.

Perhaps in years to come, the music industry will stop punishing the UK and EU and charge a standard price across the globe, as the barriers of the world are brought down by the internet, large industries such as the TV and Music industry will have to adopt global strategies, as appose to local / regional strategies – I personally feel, that such a move to standardise the cost of music globally will help move people away from illegal music downloads, and start to rebuild trust in an industry for that for a lot of people is not very trustworthy.