Its been a while since I’ve had a rant about o2, the last being in November when I didn’t think they could do much more to annoy me given my contract is up in May – however they have done it again.

The simple question I ask you, is how many times do you need to ask a company to stop sending you marketing materials? In the case of o2, I’ll be on my 6th request if I call them again – however I’m changing tactic.

To cut this story down a little, it started last March when I said NO to marketing messages from o2. I’ve now sent several requests for them to stop sending marketing messages to me, as well as calling them and asking them to stop – but still they persist. – I now think someone at o2 is taking the piss.

Well rather than complain to them again, and get the same pile of $hit from them I’ve decided to go directly to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) – I’ve taken screenshots of all the messages they have sent me, and have sent it all off for the ICO to make a complaint on my behalf.

I’ll post updates as I get them, but as far as o2 are concerned with me, they are the worst mobile company in England (and yes, I have used worst mobile company as my linking text for o2, just to give them a little SEO love 🙂

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