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Month: January 2007

Google Operating System

I had a crazy thought last night, while reading this article by Alex. Chitu on Google Operating System, about the much theorised Google Operating System.

What I thought up, was not only possible, but seemed to fit with the Google Products and services that are currently in development.

Have you ever logged into your work PC using a VPN over a browser, a service such as Logmein, would give you a good idea of where I am coming from.

Well, how about if Google created a web based desktop maybe from your personalised homepage, you log into your account, and you are presented with a desktop like system, allowing you to use the browser like a desktop.

Google could integrate gMail, Blogger, Picasa, Google Maps, Google Search, Google docs and make them all accessible from this one page, and if they do ever offer GDrive, even your files could be included here.

With the advent of Google desktop searching through your machines, Google could transmit the files on your PC, send them to Google, and sync files from other PCs so that everything is backed up on your own PC whilst at the same time available from any PC that supports a browser, you’re your information being synced all the time through Googles servers, you would have all your information in place on your PC should you not have a viable internet connection at any time to connect to Google.

Google could easily create a Linux based operating system, but the distribution of such a system would put them at immediate loggerheads with Microsoft, and as such they would have to offer something pretty special to win anyone over here. Or they could offer a operating system, and let you log into it remotely, removing the need for distributing the software, they could push all their services through this service, just like Microsoft pushes their own services such as media player etc

You would be able to edit your files, edit your spreadsheets, and text files.

Picassa is there to assist with the editing of photos, and publishing them.

There would be no need for any other software, apart from Google Desktop which deal with the synchronisation of PCs to Google’s servers.

When I have more time, I will post more on this idea of mine, and may even create some screen shots.


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I’ve been buying..

Well I went and did it today didn’t I?

Yesterday I realised that my computer was a little bit broken, OK it was very broken, I put in my Windows XP disk and it was faulty… So I have decided to buy (yes buy)…

It will be delivered at the beginning of February, so I am going to patch up my PC the best I can, while I work out what else needs upgrading on the PC.

Its been a while…

OK, I broke my phone, have naffed up my network at home and then came Xmas and I haven’t posted in a while.

So… What has little old me been up to?

Well I went for an interview in Manchester, for a small building firm – I think I may have got the job, but some papers got lost in the post that means that they only got posted back this week, and as such I may have lost it. But then on the day of posting the second application to the building firms job, I look on o2’s job board, and there is one which I would prefer, so I have also gone for that as well.

Another change, that I may have mentioned on here is that I am now living in Manchester with Chris. We did spend Christmas at mine thought, with me and Chris cooking Christmas dinner. Chris and I had agreed to only spend £20 on each other, I panicked and spent about £100 when I decided my presents were rubbish. I ended up getting Chris a lighter, a pair of socks and a small teddy from Vivienne Westwood’s, I think Chris went over budget too though, he went out and got a lot of nice food in, a wind up robot and a hoodie, I then wanted something expensive and went and got myself an iPod from Argos.

I managed to get out of all the work Christmas party’s, but Chris and I did go to a few. About the beginning of December, we went over to Dylan’s for a little party, I think it may have been Dylan’s birthday to be honest. Lorna had come up from London, and it was a really really good night. We had Kath over, for a nice roast dinner as a Christmas meal, we didn’t have our usual roast, but roast duck instead. For New Years Eve we were back in Manchester, and went to Dylan’s again for a meal, Lorna was up from London again. Once we had seen the New Year in we went over to Dylan’s brothers and had a party there till about 5am when I fell asleep.

I think that just about wraps up the last few weeks, I’m going to try and post a little more often again, especially now that I have my blog on my website again. My full site is at, I’m trying to run a website without paying any hosting, and thanks to Google I think I’m doing OK.

I am also in the process of cleaning and formatting both my PC and the lap top, so I am interested to see how much this will annoy Chris, but given the hammering the laptop has had, and that mine has had they need it. I think I have talked myself into buying a legit copy of windows Vista too.

Will write up soon.


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