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Month: December 2006

Tornado you say?

Well what fun yesterday was.

I’m up and out, I make it onto my train and set off to visit customers in Leatherhead.

The first problem starts at about 11am, my phone stops working, the error message on the screen says the modem isn’t working… So I format my phone three times in a vain attempt to get it up and running.. Nothing works, but I get to my customers and everything is going well, apart from having to buy a new pack of cigs since I left mine in someone’s car.

So I’m with customers, since I think my phone is faulty I ask if I can borrow a spare handset from my customers which they did…

I then get a lift back to the station, and this is where the fun begins, I try my SIM in the phone I’m borrowing, no luck.

So the train is getting into London, its pitch black and rain is pelting down on the train at a rate I’ve never seen before. This train gets into London on time, and then I make my way for the underground to get to Euston station…first thing I’m met with is an ocean of people, it was rush hour central London after all. then I get on the wrong train don’t I? So I quickly swap trains and I’m on my way – I check the time I should have 10 minutes in which to have a cig, all is going well I think!

I get off the underground, and walk up to the station… Something is wrong, there are a lot of people huddled round a board saying “virgin” the train operator I was using…

Holy Shit my worst nightmare has come true, all, and I mean all trains to Manchester have been cancelled, there are no other train north! I did what everyone else in the station seemed to be doing, and went and found a man in a red virgin jacket, well I get told to walk out of the station, walk up to some road, cross this road and I’m given the directions across the capitol… I walk out of the station and I’m immediately lost, I panic and go find a phone – its at this point I wish I wasn’t so panicked, as the prostitute calling cards were funny, and would have made ideal birthday cards, I didn’t get a single one – then the phone isn’t working and it starts eating my money… Grief sets in… I’m about to cry… Instead of crying, I fight back the tears, find another phone (don’t forget my mobile is on the blink), I make my calls, Chris, mother and work and let them know or leave messages saying what’s happened, and then I set too getting home.

I walk back to the station, see an o2 shop, speak to them and my phone is up and running… Then walk back up to the virgin staff, I hear a woman asking where to go to get to Manchester… She knew what he was talking about, in my most pitiful sounding voice I ask if I can follow her.

So we set off through the city, she tells me that she is a northerner, and that she has lived in London for 15 years but is going home for a funeral we walk to St Pancreas and then we part company, I’m looking up on the boards… We had been told to get a train to Sheffield, I see the train its got no platform… I stay calm I have a few cigs… And then I see what is most likely going to be the train on Platform 1, its not been announced, but there are more people than seats and I want a seat so I make my way to the train… The announcement comes out that this is the train, there is mad rush… I get a seat and a table… Oh and an annoying group of school kids shouting at moaning all the way home…

The train slowly makes its way up the country, I can say I visited Kettering which is where Chris is from and saw signs for Corby where Chris lived too, not sure about any of the other million stops but I think it was chesterfield before Sheffield.

We pull into Sheffield, and its at this point I notice that 8 carriages of people have just got off the train, and descended to the platform for the train to Manchester. That’s me on the later train I think… The train is 20 minutes late, I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m cold… Then I see the train coming, its one of the new transpennine express trains… This is easy I think, I do this 10 times a week, I’ll get on, and a seat if it kills me.. So I judge where the train will stop, I see the guards, I know where the doors should go… I move into position.. The train stops and the door is directly in front of me, I bounce onto the train, and into a lovely looking seat. I’m safe and on the final leg of my journey.

The good thing that happened here was. My phone had sufficient power to play music all the way home, and the phone I had borrowed let me make calls…


I got home, and I was mentally exhausted, although I had loads of energy… I had been sat on my arse all day after all. I pottered about for an hour, watched the late late Southpark and then went to bed.

Not suprisingly I slept in this morning, which is rare for me to actually sleep through alarms.. I’m now on another train about to pull into Leeds.

Why do children always make too much noise on trains?

What I was saying a few days ago about feeling better, and as though I’m not depressed at all still stands. About 2 weeks ago I felt as though everything was a blur, that everything and everyone was against me, I was even thinking that I should finish with Chris, although there was no reasoning behind it. The problem is, I don’t really know what’s changed to bring me round. There was part of me that knew all what was running through my head was rubbish, but at the same time its hard not to feel down in the dumps – whatever has changed, I hope it stays. Mentally I don’t feel 100%, probably more 80 or 90% at the moment, I know a pay rise or job in Manchester would help that figure but there ya go.

On other business, Chris and I are going to Jo’s birthday party tonight… In about an hour to be correct (I’m still sat on the train home, I smell and need a shower) so this is going to be fun, seeing how long it takes me to get ready!

Tomorrow i’m in London visiting clients, I don’t want to make the journey, i’d got quite use to not having to do client visits, but there ya go.

I do get home late…

Well that’s another day done, I did really well at work and managed to get all my work done and then start on some credits that my manager has asked me to do… And then I prepared some things for my client visit on Thursday – so all in all a good day.

I’m travelling back on the train now and posting from my phone, it seems so late today, but that’s because I caught the later train and I’m usually home by now.

I’ve called my mother a couple of times today, she has had her benefits advisor to see her today, and she is going to help ensure that my mum gets 100% council tax benefit when I officially move things over to Chris’s.

All for now, it seems were pulling into Manchester.


Nothing really to write about…

I didn’t really get up to much yesterday, I was probably still feeling a little woozy from the weekends fun and games.

I booked the tickets for my client visit to Leatherhead, which I am not looking forward to at all, I think its more the tube section of my journey.

I should be seeing Kath tonight, who has been in Yorkshire for the weekend, which is why we didn’t see her at the weekend.

Something odd has been happening the last few days, and that is that I no longer feel stressed, for months i’ve had what felt like a big dark cloud hanging over me, but rom nowhere I have suddenly started feeling more relaxed, and more at ease with what’s going on around me.


Well what a full day Chris and I had yesterday.

I was up and showered by 10, I had an interview later in the day in Didsbury, and Chris had a few errands to run.

We were out of the house for 12:30, we went through town which was horrendous, Chris ran his errands we then caught the bus to Didsbury. We had a lovely meal in the slug and lettuce, and then I had my interview.

The interview was the most bizarre one I have ever had, the agency had arranged to meet at 3pm, and they turned up early so Chris and I were still eating. So I ended up having the interview while Chris was sat eating.

Once the interview was finished, Chris and I went through the charity shops in Didsbury, and then got the bus home.

Once home, we settled down in front of the TV and watched Phantasm which we had got from Love film (I highly recommend this site!).

Chris and I then got ready to go out again, and meet Emma (Chris’s cousin) who was with her boyfriend, and Kelly & Dylan to go Ice-skating in Piccalilli Gardens. We spent an hour on the Ice rink, and then wondered back home, as Chris, Dylan and I had decided to have a party. Cue the 3am bedtime!

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