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Month: March 2006

Texing All Readers

Now I know I am going to work at o2 shortly… But, while browsing the web I came along this…

In the UK, people are sending 100 million SMS messages with their mobile phone every day, usually at a cost of 10p per message. Now, someone has started an online campaign to try and influence the mobile phone operators to drop their prices.

This is a repost of an old post, that had accidentally been deleted


What a bloody boring day I had at work today! I spent about 4 hours browsing the web, audited a handful of files… and User tested 2 files… I did of course find something on the web to entertain me :).. I made a nice FBI wanted poster of Tom.

I’m off to Chris’s tomorrow, and possibly wont be back till Monday, although I am planning on Sunday at the moment, even though I know once I get there I wont want to leave.

On the subject of Chris.. I really do like him, but I feel that I have made a major hash of things this week. I feel as though I have been pushing Chris away from me, by my trying to bring him closer!

But in anycase, we had a lot of fun last weekend, and went off to see Sweeny Todd…

I have got to say, that he is not looking his best anymore. See the image on the right of him with the beard.. he looks soo old, although he doesnt look as bad in the official poster for the show.

It was nice to be out with Chris, makes a change from being in his appartment.. not that I dont like being with him, its just nice to.. how to put it?.. get out once in a while :).

So Last Monday, was the big day when my mum found out the results from her scan to see if she still has cancer. Ok.. So we get there, wait an hour.. and then go in.

So the consultant comes in.. And quite by shock, says that the cancer has vanished! Ok.. so we leave in a shock !

Thinking back on this now, I personally cant see how the cancer has gone.

She has to go back in 6 weeks, and she is then going to ask if she can have a full scan to make sure its gone.

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