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Month: January 2006


Ok. Where to start, its been ages since I did an update.

Well lets start with work. I hate it, I have been off for 2 weeks, on holiday and have absolutly loved it! From Monday if I have not got the tech team job, I will be looking for a new job. I am concidering handing in my 3 months notice, and registering with an agency and temping or something.

Love life.

Well, I am still single. But on a better note, Chris from Manchester and I are back seeing each other. I do like Chris, although there are a few things about him I am not keen on. Basically I feel at ease with him, although given he has told me to F off once, I dont feel confident with seeing him, saying that, were not going out, were only “friends who sleep with each other”. All other men in my life are gone, although I am doing well at sleeping with the off other guy. I even got to De-Virginise a lad today 😮

So above all, I would say my love life / sex life is quite good.

My mother I would suppose is the other area of my life which has not really improved. I would say, if truth be told, I am quite stressed out with it all. I dont think all the cheamotherapy and radiotherapy have actually got rid of the cancer. If truth be told, I dont think she has long left, maybe a couple of years.

Money worries are still there, although they are not as bad as they were. The case against Barclay’s has fallen through, due to lack of evidence about what happened at the meeting with Scott Mansell. There has even been talk about me taking on the mortgage.

I went out with Andrew last night, and he totally pissed me off, he was ill, we went out and he was vomiting all over the bogs! I think I am more annoyed because I could of spent the evening with Chris in Manchester, but alas I was putting up with him being sick! Strike 2!

Christmas & New Year would of been crap albeit for Chris, who I am glad to say, has made Christmas & New Year a lot better, including the weekend when I first went over, as that was looking like the shittest weekend possible.

I am going to try and keep this up to date now. Posting whatever crap I feel.


….And I can not sleep FFS!

I have taken 2 sleeping tablets, and they have had no effect, I have watched the end of the world in “Escape from L.A.” with Kurt Russell, and I have watched 2 Ad Ware Scans and a virus scan on here… Nothing has worked!

Although… I have decided to have a look for jobs at o2, Ventura, HSBC, and First Direct.

I am now going to go and find my one remaining cigarette, and then look for a new job!

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